Kubernetes is an open-source container cluster management system developed by Google. It is the open-source version of Google's large-scale container management technology Borg and one of the most important projects of CNCF. Its main features include:

  • Container-based application deployment, maintenance, and rolling upgrades

  • Load balancing and service discovery

  • Cluster scheduling across machines and regions

  • Automatic scaling

  • Stateless services and stateful services

  • Extensive volume support

  • Plugin mechanism to ensure scalability

Kubernetes has developed rapidly and has become a leader in the field of container orchestration. There is also a wealth of Chinese resources for Kubernetes, but there are relatively few systematic ones that keep up with community updates. The "Kubernetes Handbook" open-source e-book aims to organize reference guides and practice summaries for development and use of Kubernetes, forming a systematic reference guide for easy access. Everyone is welcome to follow and contribute.

Online Reading

*GitBook: kubernetes.feisky.xyz * Github: github.com/feiskyer/kubernetes-handbook

Project Source Code

The project source code is stored on Github, https://github.com/feiskyer/kubernetes-handbook.



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