Helm 命令参考

查询 charts

helm search
helm search mysql

查询 package 详细信息

helm inspect stable/mariadb

部署 package

helm install stable/mysql

部署之前可以自定义 package 的选项:

# 查询支持的选项
helm inspect values stable/mysql

# 自定义 password
echo "mysqlRootPassword: passwd" > config.yaml
helm install -f config.yaml stable/mysql

另外,还可以通过打包文件(.tgz)或者本地 package 路径(如 path/foo)来部署应用。

查询服务 (Release) 列表

➜  ~ helm ls
NAME                REVISION    UPDATED                     STATUS      CHART          NAMESPACE
quieting-warthog    1           Tue Feb 21 20:13:02 2017    DEPLOYED    mysql-0.2.5    default

查询服务 (Release) 状态

➜  ~ helm status quieting-warthog
LAST DEPLOYED: Tue Feb 21 16:13:02 2017
NAMESPACE: default

==> v1/Secret
NAME                    TYPE    DATA  AGE
quieting-warthog-mysql  Opaque  2     9m

==> v1/PersistentVolumeClaim
NAME                    STATUS  VOLUME                                    CAPACITY  ACCESSMODES  AGE
quieting-warthog-mysql  Bound   pvc-90af9bf9-f80d-11e6-930a-42010af00102  8Gi       RWO          9m

==> v1/Service
NAME                    CLUSTER-IP    EXTERNAL-IP  PORT(S)   AGE
quieting-warthog-mysql  <none>       3306/TCP  9m

==> extensions/v1beta1/Deployment
quieting-warthog-mysql  1        1        1           1          9m

MySQL can be accessed via port 3306 on the following DNS name from within your cluster:

To get your root password run:

    kubectl get secret --namespace default quieting-warthog-mysql -o jsonpath="{.data.mysql-root-password}" | base64 --decode; echo

To connect to your database:

1. Run an Ubuntu pod that you can use as a client:

    kubectl run -i --tty ubuntu --image=ubuntu:16.04 --restart=Never -- bash -il

2. Install the mysql client:

    $ apt-get update && apt-get install mysql-client -y

3. Connect using the mysql cli, then provide your password:
    $ mysql -h quieting-warthog-mysql -p

升级和回滚 Release

# 升级
cat "mariadbUser: user1" >panda.yaml
helm upgrade -f panda.yaml happy-panda stable/mariadb

# 回滚
helm rollback happy-panda 1

删除 Release

helm delete quieting-warthog

repo 管理

# 添加 incubator repo
helm repo add incubator https://kubernetes-charts-incubator.storage.googleapis.com/

# 查询 repo 列表
helm repo list

# 生成 repo 索引(用于搭建 helm repository)
helm repo index

chart 管理

# 创建一个新的 chart
helm create deis-workflow

# validate chart
helm lint

# 打包 chart 到 tgz
helm package deis-workflow

Helm 命令参考

  completion  Generate bash autocompletions script
  create      create a new chart with the given name
  delete      given a release name, delete the release from Kubernetes
  dependency  manage a chart's dependencies
  fetch       download a chart from a repository and (optionally) unpack it in local directory
  get         download a named release
  history     fetch release history
  home        displays the location of HELM_HOME
  init        initialize Helm on both client and server
  inspect     inspect a chart
  install     install a chart archive
  lint        examines a chart for possible issues
  list        list releases
  package     package a chart directory into a chart archive
  repo        add, list, remove, update, and index chart repositories
  reset       uninstalls Tiller from a cluster
  rollback    roll back a release to a previous revision
  search      search for a keyword in charts
  serve       start a local http web server
  status      displays the status of the named release
  test        test a release
  upgrade     upgrade a release
  verify      verify that a chart at the given path has been signed and is valid
  version     print the client/server version information

      --debug                     enable verbose output
      --home string               location of your Helm config. Overrides $HELM_HOME (default "~/.helm")
      --host string               address of tiller. Overrides $HELM_HOST
      --kube-context string       name of the kubeconfig context to use
      --tiller-namespace string   namespace of tiller (default "kube-system")
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